HQ Members

Adam Crain
Adam Meade
Adam Spisak
Adam couldn't find it - so - he made it. The Big Muddy Challenge (BMC) is an unconventional adventure race designed for teams of parents, their children and friends. Adam leads a passionate team of former pro athletes, executives and teachers delivering BMC's rapid expansion.  Bringing a background from management consulting and leading professional service departments, Adam is heavily focused on partnership development and growth strategy execution. He is open and welcomes conversations about advancing business." id="bio3193" />
Al Scillitani
Alan Wilser
Alex Lewis
Alexander Richter
Andrew Cash
Andy Heymann
Annie Pearce
Ash Bell
Bill Cummings
Brandan Lennox
Brent Nolan
Brock Elliot
Brooks Malone
Carl Licata
Charles Taylor
Chris Clarke
Chris Moody
Chris Roth
Christina Motley
Clayton Gladieux
Clayton handles business strategy, product design, and customer acquisition at FindFido. FindFido gives owners who have lost their pets an easy way to alert thousands of local people fast. I have a boatload of experience in acquiring customers online via paid channels (Facebook, Google/Bing, YouTube, etc.), and I'd be happy to consult with other local entrepreneurs." id="bio3389" />
Collin Reaves
Conner Burt
Cy Howington
Dan Gallagher
Dan Moore
Daniel Trimpey
David Baxter
Derrick Minor
Doug Salas
Ed Cheely
Esther Sabbyul
Gary Hayes
Greg Whitt
Heather Allen, MGIM-MBA
Heather McDougall
Hemanth Nimma
Idan Koren
Issac Kikuchi
James Young
Jan Davis
Jason Humphries
Javier de Ana
Jay Bigelow
Jay Dawkins
Jeff Ligon
Jennifer Meeks
Jennifer Stanigar
Jeremy Wall
Jesse Rodar
Jessica Ekstrom
Jim Zidar
Jody Cumberpatch
Joe Christi
Joe Elliott
Jon Stone
Jonathan Putney
Joseph Bland
Judy Abel
Judy Abel is an award-winning, brand and digital strategist with over a decade of experience in creating integrated customer-centered marketing and communication strategies. Her experience spans a wide range of categories including technology, travel, CPG, financial services, B2B, healthcare and luxury goods.

Her most recent experience includes working as a Strategy Director at Baldwin& in Raleigh, NC. Prior to that role, Judy worked in brand strategy at Tribal Worldwide, gyro and Fallon and in digital strategy at mcgarrybowen, BBDO/Proximity and Weber Shandwick.

Judy enjoys learning about people, cultures and experiences and she loves to discover how people and technology impact and influence culture. She loves working with products that solve real human needs. And she is passionate about branding and marketing that is created with a purpose to make the world better.

" id="bio3450" />
Julie Augustyn
Justin Bauer
Justin Beard
Justin Carboneau
Justin England
Justin Gerock
Justin Miller
Keegan Guizard
Keith Strombotne
Kevin Altman
Kirsten Schambra Stevens
Kyle Linton
My background is in business development and marketing. As is the case I have worked for a variety of startups across multiple industries. Specifically I have experience in the mobile application and development space which coincides directly with our current product creation efforts. Outside of Nicotrax I am a ACE Certified personal trainer and am always wanting to talk fitness or travel! I would love to meet with anyone wanting to talk entrepreneurship or personal training! I can provide basic marketing/development advice as well and would be interested in the appropriate collaborations." id="bio3199" />
Lance Cassidy
Lawson Rankin
Leslie Woods
Lister Delgado
Liz Morris
Madison Mundy
Magdalyn Duffie
Makana Dumlao
At Bean, I handle most everything design-related: hardware & software. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, I plan on being around most days. " id="bio3203" />
Mark Brothers
Michael Conway
Michael Hoy
Mike Lee
Mike is an investment professional with over 15 years of experience in private equity, most recently as a Director at Lincolnshire Management where he managed acquisitions and served as an officer and board member for companies in advertising, aviation, food, education, media and transportation. He is a Princeton alum and represents for East Coast hiphop, the Mets and the football Giants.  " id="bio3311" />
Nicholas Cioffi
Nicholas Sailer
Nick Bonnaud
Co-Founder of K&R Technologies, a wearable technology company focused on reducing the complexity of our everyday lives through a gesture based user-interface and a user unique, universal BioID. Can offer advice/mentorship on leadership and team building. Previous job as an Officer in the Army for 5 years regularly had me in charge of teams from as small as 2-3 people to groups as large as 30-40." id="bio3227" />
Owen Jordan
Ozgun Oral
We are at the initiation phase and right now each member is helping to accomplish whichever task is top priority regardless of our previous roles. My usual role involves business development and marketing strategy. I am an international from Turkey and I am open to suggestions for experiences that'll help me get to know the US. I'd love to help if anybody wants to hear a different opinion on their idea. " id="bio3197" />
Rachel David
Rebecca Horton
Richard Averitte
Rick Terrell
I'm assisting DX Labs with their device incubator as an advisor. I also do internet of things-ish consulting and am CEO at ExerScreen, a startup focused on no-nag fitness for couch potatoes. I'm a full stack computer scientist and have worked at every level from silicon design on up to cloud computing architectures. I live in Charlotte and usually am much older than I look. I'm happy to lend an ear whenever. I tend to be in Raleigh Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays." id="bio3195" />
Rick Wilfong
Rob Andrews
Roger Debo
I am the Director for The Entrepreneurship Collaborative in the Poole College of Management at NC State. We are committed to entrepreneurial education, outreach and research. Our goals are to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs while building and assisting startups in RTP. The Entrepreneurship Clinic is our flagship activity for bringing the resources of NC State to Raleigh entrepreneurs. For office hours, appointments or additional information, please go to: http://tec.poole.ncsu.edu/" id="bio3201" />
Roy Hano
Samantha Attard
Sarah E Allen
Saul Selwyn Flores
Sean Newman Maroni
Shannon Bauman
Sophia Hyder
Soroush Jamali Pour, Alex Browne, Fabio Berger
Stephanie Justice
Tadhg O’Toole
Tia Simpson
Timothy James Husted
Todd Olson
Tom Allen
Tom Simon
Officially, I'm the Director of Marketing. Marketing plan generation for products, general marketing and communications responsibilities and more. I'm also involved heavily in Product UI and Business Development. Generally helping share my passion for 3D with the world. I moved to Raleigh in 2009 looking for a fresh start. I live in Downtown Raleigh and am heavily involved in the community. I love to BBQ, have two happy dogs and an amazing wife who supports me every step along the way.  I want everyone to share in my passion for 3D. Come find me and let's chat, and maybe along the way we can 3D print something together! " id="bio3391" />
Tony Voiers
Tracy Wright
Wes Johnson
Wesley Burt
Airglow, Inc.
Akili Software
Anytakers Sports
Atlas Certified
Automatak LLC
Bean-Time Tracking
Better Data Group LLC
Big Muddy Challenge
Big Pixel
Biocentric Apps
Bulletin Mobile
Cardboard Box
Career Champions
DX Lab Design Incubator
E-Action Alliance, LLC
Find Fido
Finridge Enterprises LLC
Forward Triangle
Grey River Group
Harrison Analytic Technologies
Headbands of Hope
Help One Now
Hockey Stick Principles
Imurj, LLC
K&R Technologies
Lawson Hammock Company
Lemonade International
Lexi Capital
Luxury Shoe Club
MDeverywhere, Inc
Mindset Systems
Mlinzi Vaccines, Inc
MusicBox LLC
NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic
Nine Oaks Media
Noverant, Inc
Novocor Medical Systems
Oak City Foundry
Oak City Technologies
OBX Computing Corporation
Pennies 4 Progress
People First Tourism
Polymer Braille, Inc.
Portable Databases
Privateer Digital Media
Raleigh Coffee Company
Raleigh Raw
Sanitation Creations
Scientific Organizational Solutions, LLC
Seventh Generation
SF Robotics
SHE Globl Media
Signal Hill
Simply B Gluten Free
Snap Yeti
Source 3
Stealz Inc.
SuNica, Inc.
Tech Talent South
The Jace Solution
The Pros Closet
USA Futsal
Vaporware, Inc.
Vital Plan